Q. Can I supply my own fabric when ordering Lencraft to upholster my furniture?
A. No because we want to accept responsibility for the fabric used. We have a large range of quality fabric and leathers from suppliers who source fabrics from all over the world, such as Warwick Fabrics, Wortley Group, Zepel Fabrics, Profile Fabrics, Charles Parsons, Rowe Gabrics, & Living Studio. Check them out on our fabric page.
Q. I have found a fabric I really like, but I was told it could be upholstered on the sofa, but not on my recliner. Why?
A. Some fabric does not work well with the design or size of a recliner, for example, a stripe would not be offered on a contemporary recliner, but would be offered on a traditional sofa.
Q. How do I look after my fabric or leather?
A. There will be a care label attached to your seat cushion, with cleaning and care instructions.
Q. Why buy top grain leather, versus bonded leather or blended leather?
A. Bonded leather or blended leather usually consists of only 17% leather, once scratched it breaks the top polyurethane coat and allows the product to peel.
Q. Do you make customised furniture?
A. Yes we do, We can make sofas, tub chairs, ottomans, commercial ottomans with backs and banquettes seating to your specification.
Q. What are you office hours and how do I get there?
A. Please ring before coming over to see us as at times we are out picking up furniture or delivering. As to our location visit our contact link.
Q. What is the turnaround time to upholster my furniture?
A. We will arrange to pick up your furniture, when we take delivery of your fabric, to minimize your furniture away from your home, sofa or chair, 8 to 10 days and a full suite 14 days, dining chairs, 5 to 8 days.
Q. We are going to redecorate next month, can we arrange for you to take our furniture then, and store it for a while?
A. Yes we can, and we will work in with you.
Q. When our furniture is picked up to be re-upholstered what shall we sit on?
A. No worries – we have courtesy sofa and chairs we will bring to you on pick up day. Just let us know when we provide a quotation.
Q. What kind of payment do you accept?
A. We accept a 10% deposit upon booking the work  (- bank cheque,  personal cheque cash or BSB into our account)